Liberty Church A Place of Acceptance

At Liberty Church we accept people just as they are in the same way that we believe God accepts us just as we are. We truly affirm diversity. People may dress as they please and we are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all including those at all stages in their Trans journey (TV, CD, TG, TM, TS, IS etc.)

We have gained an increased understanding of the Trans experience through our friendship with Jenny-Anne and her partner Elen, plus members of the Trans community who attend Metropolitan Community Church in Manchester. Jenny Anne and Elen invited us to meetings of the monthly Trans discussion group she runs in Manchester.

The Manchester based Trans Discussion Group helps and supports trans people to live in their preferred gender and provides practical help on all aspects of transitioning. The group hosts different speakers and also holds discussions focusing on the life and legal skills needed to live in the acquired gender. Following the meetings there is a social event to provide support for those venturing out in public for the first time.

We have very much enjoyed the social outings on the ‘curry mile’ and have been impressed by the way the group has welcomed and accepted us. All the members of the group have played and continue to play a very important part in our Trans-education.

Jim and Nina

Other useful links for Trans people:

Support Stonewalls Campaign for Trans Equality

RenaissanceThe Gynway’ 205 Dickson Road, Blackpool is primarily a social group for Trans people run Lynda and Petra.

Unique TG support group (North Wales and West Cheshire)email Helpline 07704 442665 Monday to Friday 7pm to 9.30pm

MORF TM support group (Manchester & NW)

Beaumont Trust (Nationwide)

Helpline 07000 287878 Tuesday and Thursday 7pm to 11pm.