Direct Dealing Policy

Our Direct Dealing is based upon the policy of MCC according to the advice of the Rev Andy Braunston, with the aim of promoting a safe environment for all.

What is Direct Dealing?

Direct Dealing is a way of behaving in church which is both ethical and socially acceptable. It respects our rights and freedoms and reminds us of our responsibility to model healthy appropriate behaviour.

The mission and ministry of Liberty Church is important and worth safeguarding. Many of us will have lived through the pain of denunciation and the negative messages about our value from other churches. Part of our mission is to increase self-esteem, self-worth and a new freedom by receiving the unconditional love of Jesus from people in our congregation.

At Liberty Church we recognise that there are those of us who have gone through experiences of hurt, rejection, and abuse: not through any fault of our own, but as a result of what society, or other groups, or other individuals have done to us.

Emotional pain can affect the way we respond to others and the way we expect others to respond to us. In addition traumatic major life events can profoundly affect the way any of us relate to others. Such life events often occur without notice and can happen to any one.

This policy is designed to set out our responsibilities towards each other so that those among us who are emotionally vulnerable are protected. This is necessary in order to ensure we are able to maintain a safe environment for all.

The Policy Document